About us

Committed to assisting thousands of UK residents with a poor credit score get approved for a phone contract, RJMM Phones continues to live up to its billing and has over the years assisted scores of individuals get approved for a phone contract their credit status notwithstanding. We believe that using a phone is mandatory and not an option and that explains why we frown at the idea of getting declined simply because a person has a poor credit rating. We do not concentrate on your credit history and neither do we discriminate you based on your history of arrears or defaults. We have a checkered history in assisting as many people as possible get approved for a mobile phone contract.

Our guaranteed mobile phone contracts are open to every UK citizen who has been facing challenges getting approved for a phone contract. We do not care how many times you’ve been turned away or how bad your credit rating is. Approach us today and we can assure you that we will work out something for you. We fully understand that our customers have different tastes and preferences not to mention needs and that is why we offer different guaranteed mobile phone deals to meet and exceed their expectations.

Our customer personnel are not only friendly and knowledgeable but also treat our customers with utmost professionalism.