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Struggling to get approved for a mobile phone contract? Has your history of defaults, CCJ as well as arrears been the reason as to why you can’t avail a phone contract? Have all your efforts to get approved for a phone contract hit a snag? Have you been looking for a UK mobile provider that would approve your mobile phone contract application without bringing up your credit score status? If yes, be rest assured that you’ve come to the right place. Here at RJMM Phones we endeavor to help as many people as possible get approved for a phone contract the status of their credit score notwithstanding. We believe that every single UK citizen is entitled to a phone contract and therefore the issue of credit rating shouldn’t be a stumbling block.

We fully understand that you badly need a mobile phone contract and we therefore have taken it upon ourselves to link you with the best mobile phone contract providers across the UK. It doesn’t matter how bad your credit score is, how many times you’ve been rejected or if you have a history of arrears. We always strive to hook you up with a mobile phone contract in tandem with your needs and expectations. Our guaranteed mobile phone contracts are affordable, diverse and designed to give you the best deal you’ve always hoped for.

As RJMM Phones, we believe that the needs of our customers come before our own and that is why we do everything within our power to ensure that we offer excellent services to our customers. Our commitment to the wellbeing of our customers not to forget tendency to go an extra mile in order to make our customers feel comfortable and appreciated is what differentiates us from other providers in the market. We are fully cognizant of the fact that customer satisfaction, continuous improvement and total quality management forms the backbone of any successful business and for this reason we continually endeavor to go beyond the expectations of our customers.

From inception, our main objective has been to be a mobile phone contract provider with a difference. We fully understand the frustrations that most UK individuals go through in their attempts to get approved for a phone contract and that is why our guaranteed mobile phone contracts are designed, to ease this burden. We don’t care how many times you have been rejected in the past. We also don’t care how bad your credit score might be. Our sole objective is to find a way through which we can hook you up with a guaranteed mobile phone contract hassle free.

A new study shows that most UK individuals with a poor credit rating have found a safe haven in guaranteed mobile phone contracts and for this reason we intend to be your partner of choice as and when you need to be approved for a mobile phone contract. At RJMM Phones, we are not only concerned with getting you approved for a phone contract but also go the extra mile to ensure that you make prudent financial decisions. We don’t want a situation whereby you end up embroiled in debt because you made a decision ignorantly and that is why we collaborate with Money Advice with the sole aim of ensuring that the financial decisions you make are prudent.

Our customer personnel are versed in financial matters and are always ready to assist you in making a prudent financial decision when choosing a mobile phone deal of your choice. Other than offering diverse and affordable guaranteed mobile phone contracts, we endeavor to approve applications within the shortest time possible. We have an acceptance and approval rate of over 90% and therefore you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands. We endeavor to approve all applications we receive within 24 hours or less.